Pathways School Blue: Blended Learning Ultimate Experience

Pathways BLUE offers a self-contained blended learning virtual experience that is tailored to the individual needs of each student. Students complete assignments at their own pace, choosing which school cycle works for their life. Do the work, see your grades immediately, and then move on. Your teacher will check in with you, keep you on track and is available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Pathways BLUE offers state compliant courses presented online, done at your own pace, in a unique and engaging format, with a teacher available to guide you and answer all questions.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  • Complete the online registration
  • Upload your report card/transcript and the courses you want to take
  • Your certified teacher confirms the courses you have chosen and you are ready to begin

Is Pathways BLUE for you? Do any of these sound familiar to you?

“I’m bored.”  
“I want to graduate early.”   
“I don’t have any friends.”   
 “I’m being bullied.”   
“I hate getting up early.”   
“I don’t feel safe.”  
“The teacher doesn’t like me.” 
 “Virtual school doesn’t work for me.”
We have been hearing these same things from kids and teens for 24 years! It’s time for YOU to take control of your learning. Do the courses when you want to do them. Be safe. Be comfortable. Work at your own pace. Ask questions if you have them. Don’t wait for other students to finish their work before you move on.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, fill out the registration form and get started.

Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee $250
Per student, one-time fee

Tuition Cycles (Per Student)**
Traditional- 10 payments of $425.00 due the 1st of each month, Aug – May, up to 6 core courses and 2 electives, courses available Aug 1st and must be completed by May 31st.

Annual- 12 payments of $440.00 due the 1st of each month, beginning the month enrolled, up to 6 core courses and 2 electives, must be completed in the 12 month cycle.

Summer School- up to 4 courses, 2 payments of $750.00 due the 1st of June & July, courses must be completed between June 1st and July 31st.  

Your Way- 10 payments of $425.00 due the 1st of each month beginning the first month of enrollment, up to 6 core courses and 2 electives, courses must be completed in the 10 month cycle. 

Course Recovery $385.00 
Per course, open enrollment Aug-July

Cost Per Course $385.00
Open enrollment Aug-July

Consultation $125.00 
Transcripts $5.00 each

*Family Discount-10% for additional children

Tuition and Fees are non-refundable. Tuition is not reduced, discounted or refunded for any reason, including but not limited to, illness, vacations, time spent, effort, etc. All withdrawals must be accompanied by a signed withdrawal form. A withdrawal fee of 50% of unpaid tuition is required. 

Register Your Child Today: answer the questions below and one of our teachers will contact you to complete the registration

To enroll your child, complete the agreement and submit it with the non-refundable registration fee.

Date of Birth
Grade for 20-21 Year

Student agreement

Do my own work
Ask my teacher questions if I have them
Conference with my teacher twice monthly and as needed
I understand that my teacher will be available at least 6 hours daily (weekdays) to answer questions and provide assistance. I understand my teacher can be contacted by text, email or phone during agreed upon hours and by text and email at other times.  
Enrichment activities –optional, free
Attend virtual Fieldtrips 
Attend live or view daily virtual Group Discussions  

Parent Agreement

Conference with my child’s teacher quarterly and as needed. 
Support school policies, requirements and procedures
Pay all tuition and fees as required, by the 5th of each month. 
I understand that my child’s teacher can be contacted by text, email and phone. I also understand that I may contact the School Principal, Mrs. James, with any questions or concerns. 
I understand that tuition and fees are not reduced or pro-rated due to attendance, hours spent or number of courses completed. 
 I understand that if I choose to withdraw my child from Pathways BLUE a withdrawal form must be completed. 
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